The Consortium of State Organizations for Texas Teacher Education


Awards are a way for CSOTTE and the Member Organizations can reward teachers and other individuals for their accomplishments. Information on each of the different awards can be found below.

CSOTTE ~ Consortium of State Organizations for Texas Teacher Education

FRIEND OF TEACHER EDUCATION AWARD. CSOTTE presents the Friend of Teacher Education Award to recognize and reward individuals not officially connected with teacher preparation organizations and institutions, but who have made significant contributions toward improving the preparation of teachers in Texas. The recipient will be an individual who has been supportive and positive toward the mission of the organizations of CSOTTE. The first Friend of Teacher Education Award was awarded at the 2006 Fall CSOTTE Conference on Teacher Education.

TACA ~ Texas Alternative Certification Association

Intern of the Year Candidates. TACA recognizes three Intern of the Year Candidates. These are awarded to individuals who have demonstrated proficiency and professionalism in their field and who are held in high esteem by their peers and students.

TACTE ~ Texas Association of Colleges for Teacher Education

ROBERT B. HOWSAM AWARD. The Robert B. Howsam Award is presented, on occasion, to a deserving individual who has:

  • demonstrated leadership at the state and national levels;
  • has a high level of collegial respect and admiration;
  • is creative, innovative, and has made significant contributions to education;
  • has a long and continuing dedication to education; and
  • has a history of scholarly research, publishing, or exemplary teaching.

Robert B. Howsam, who was a former dean of the College of Education-University of Houston, was an acknowledged leader in education for many years and enjoyed a national and international reputation. He was best known for his advocacy of Competency-Based Teacher Education, his dynamic leadership as a dean, and for his commitment to excellence in the preparation of educational professionals in Texas and the nation.

TACTE ANNUAL LEADERSHIP AWARD. The TACTE Annual Leadership Award is presented each year to one who is deserving of TACTE recognition for significant contributions to the educator preparation process in Texas.

TDFE ~ Texas Directors of Field Experiences

TEXAS STUDENT TEACHERS OF THE YEAR. TDFE recognizes the Texas Student Teachers of the Year (Elementary and Secondary). These competitive awards were established in 1988. Recipients are selected from a field of teacher candidates who have met the criteria for selection. A plaque and a scholarship award are given to the winners of the elementary and secondary divisions.

TxATE ~ Texas Association of Teacher Educators

DISTINGUISHED CLINICIAN AWARD. TxATE selects an individual to receive the Distinguished Clinician Award. This is presented to a public school teacher who has demonstrated exemplary service in the field and in assisting in the supervision of student teachers.

BEN E. COODY DISTINGUISHED SERVICE AWARD. The Ben E. Coody Distinguished Service Award honors individuals who have given the same level of professional contributions to teacher education in Texas as did Dr. Coody. Dr. Coody served as the last President of the Texas Association for Student Teaching before the association became the Texas Association of Teacher Educators in 1971. Shortly after completing his term as president, Dr. Coody met an untimely death in an automobile accident. He was respected for his high code of ethics, his professional zeal, and his sincerity of purpose.

TED BOOKER AWARD. The Ted Booker Award is presented to an individual who has made an outstanding contribution in the field of teacher education. Ted Booker served as the President of TSCTE (predecessor of TxATE) from 1969-1970. This award is given in his memory.