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Quest for Quality - Exemplary Faculty Practices

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The nomination of exemplary faculty practices in teacher preparation is an opportunity to highlight quality in faculty innovation and creativity. This initiative is designed to highlight what is done well by identifying exemplary teacher preparation practices in schools of education and arts and sciences in Texas universities. Faculty are invited to submit artifacts with commentary to illustrate exemplary faculty practices they have designed that prepare teachers to excel.

2018 Exemplary Faculty Practice: The University of North Texas’ Project SUCCESS, Dr. Rossana Boyd, Principal Investigator and Project Director.

The 2016 Exemplary Faculty Practice: Texas Christian University's Andrews Institute of Mathematics & Science Education, Dr. Molly Weinburgh, Director. (Please click on this link for the details of Dr. Weinburgh's project.)

The 2015 Exemplary Faculty Practice: Baylor University’s Empowering Pre-Service Teacher Candidates to Use Instructional Technology to Engage, Assess, and Differentiate Instruction for Diverse Student Populations, Dr. Leanne Howell.  (Please click on links for Announcement , Project Narrative , and Project PowerPoint )

Quest for Quality Exemplary Faculty Practices Call for Nominations 2019 Brochure

To see a list of past recipients of the Quest for Quality Exemplary Faculty Practices, click here.