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The Journal of the Consortium of State Organizations for Texas Teacher Education (CSOTTE) ISSN: 2474-3976

image of TxEP publication TxEP: Texas Educator Preparation provides a venue for the discussion and analysis of matters impacting Texas educator preparation and development. The journal serves to disseminate research, best practices, and professional application. Articles may have a research, practitioner, or professional focus.

TxEP is an official CSOTTE publication published annually online. Proposed manuscripts undergo a double-blind review process and must be previously unpublished. Views expressed by article authors are not necessarily those of the Consortium of State Organizations for Texas Teacher Education. Published manuscripts are under copyright by CSOTTE. Requests for permission to reprint must be submitted to the organization in writing to the publication email:

TxEP: Texas Educator Preparation, 2017 (Volume 1)


Editors’ Introduction
    Elda E. Martinez, Amanda M. Rudolph & Debby Shulsky

Build a Coalition to Empower Our Educators
    Glenda Ballard, CSOTTE Board Chair 2016-2017

Texas Association of Colleges for Teacher Education: Increasing its Attention to Advocacy
    Judy Abbott, TACTE President 2016-2017

Planting Seeds in Fertile Soil: Assessing Teacher Employment Environments in Texas
    James P. Van Overschelde & Afi Y. Wiggins

Beyond the Practical Aspects of Lea
Mentoring Teacher Candidates Toward the Diverse Needs of Students
    Kimberly S. Reinhardt

Building Blocks of a Successful Recruitment Process
    Betty Coneway & Beth Garcia

Short-Term Study Abroad: Transformative Experiences for Preservice Teachers
    Paula Griffin & Susan Reily