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image of TxEP publication TxEP: Texas Educator Preparation provides a venue for the discussion and analysis of matters impacting Texas educator preparation and development. The journal serves to disseminate research, best practices, and professional application. Articles may have a research, practitioner, or professional focus.

TxEP is an official CSOTTE publication published annually online. Proposed manuscripts undergo a double-blind review process and must be previously unpublished. Views expressed by article authors are not necessarily those of the Consortium of State Organizations for Texas Teacher Education. Published manuscripts are under copyright by CSOTTE. Requests for permission to reprint must be submitted to the organization in writing to the publication email:

The Journal of the Consortium of State Organizations for Texas Teacher Education (CSOTTE) ISSN: 2474-3976

TxEP: Texas Educator Preparation, 2018 (Volume 2)
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Editor's Introduction
    Elda E. Martinez

Progressive Discourse: A Time for Leadershp
    Marlene Zipperlen CSOTTE Board Chair 2017-2018

Texas Association of Teacher Educators: The Advent of Advocacy Groups
    Debby Shulsky, TxATE President 2017-2018

Early Educational Intervention for At-Risk Students: A Preliminary Report of the Long-Term Influences of the Opportunity School Preschool Program
    Betty Coneway, Sang Hwang, Leigh Green, Jill Goodrich, & Emilee Egbert

Using Baseline Assessments to Better Prepare Preservice Candidates for State Certification Exams
    Beth Garcia & Betty Coneway

Marrying Theory and Practice: Using Professional Learning Communities to Connect Preservice Teachers with Professional Literature
    Rebecca Putnam, Anna Fox, Lisa Colvin, & Melissa Becker

Teachers and School Leaders Coalescing to Balance the High-Stakes Assessment Field for Underprepared and Underrepresented Mexican American Students in Mathematics
    Maria de Lourdes Viloria & Selina V. Mireles

Preservice Teachers' Perceptions of Teacher Evaluations Prior to Clinical Teaching
    George Willey & Stacy Hendricks

Technology Preparedness of PK-12 Teachers in Texas: Satisfaction Level of Technology Training in Teacher Preparation Programs
    Kevin Williams

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